Why You Should Rank Your Relationships

In Relationships I claim you should reject the first 37% of people you date. This concept came from a wonderful TED talk by Hannah Fry on the mathematics of love. In it she outlines how to apply Optimal Stopping Theory in choosing "the one."

I recently sat down with Lee Noto on her show My Whole Life to talk about dating, rejecting 37%, and why you should rank your relationships. Check it out below along with access to the spreadsheet to try it out yourself. Enjoy!

My Whole Life with Lee Noto - Episode 3: Why You Should Rank Your Relationships

Ranking Spreadsheet (Note: Watch Video First)


  1. Click on the spreadsheet image below and make a copy to edit

  2. Edit only YELLOW cells

  3. Start with FORMULA tab and add your categories/percentage weights

  4. Add relationships in column c of RANKING tab

  5. Score 1 - 10 for each relationship/category

  6. Adjust categories/weights/scores as needed