Future of Assessment

Think of assessments in education, and you probably think of end of term tests, where kids sit in rows of desks, with a set time to answer identical questions. But in a world that increasingly values what you can do and not just what you know, this model of testing is outdated.

It is widely known that end-of-year assessments are an important way to help teachers understand how their students are performing. However, these grades are only one part of a wider toolkit of resources that teachers need in order to support student learning. What if we could find a way to accurately reflect student progress while learning is still happening, so that teachers could support their class in an even more targeted way? And what if we could make some assessment all but invisible by building it into an educational game?

In this video, colleagues at Pearson explore how developments in digital technology can help us support teachers in evaluating how students are learning through real-time, ongoing assessment, giving relevant support and feedback that helps learners understand and improve their performance.