Accelerated Learning

How can we learn faster? Recently sat in on a panel to discuss how breakthrough technologies like VR/AR, simulations, and neuroscience are impacting education and corporate learning in coming years.


Experiential Technology?

Experiential Technology (XTech) is technology that directly improves the human experience. XTech products combine digital technology with advances in neuroscience to improve human performance. XTech products are impacting several $100 billion+ industries including health, wellness, learning, training, sports and entertainment, creating new growth opportunities. XTech is fusing new digital technologies with evolving neuroscience principles to achieve improvements in human performance in fundamentally new ways.

Relevant Technologies

  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning
  • Experiential Sensor Technologies (i.e. EEG, galvanic skin sensors, eye tracking, etc.)


Accelerated Learning

This panel discusses how the latest advances in neuroscience, XTech, and gaming are being used to accelerate learning and improve the emotional and cognitive performance.

A few time marks:

  • 16:30 - Competency Based Education & New Business Models in Education
  • 41:16 - Micro-Credentialing & Online Talent Platforms
  • 54:30 - The Neuroscience Behind Learning & Applied Skills