Reid Hoffman's Masters of Scale podcast is a must for any would-be-entrepreneur. Recently came across his two part series on being being an Infinite Learner with Barry Diller. I highly recommend checking it out. Below is a sharing of their "Rules To Live By (and break!) for Infinite Learners" I found highly useful. Full credit to Reid Hoffman, Barry Diller, Nancy Lublin, Mark Pincus, Alexa Christon, Amit Keren, Micah G and the Masters of Scale team.

  • You are best when you know nothing.
  • Revel in your ignorance.
  • Start from a blank page of paper.
  • Nothing is sacred, you just get to start.
  • Learn everything you can about what interests you, and use it to question everything.
  • Don't expect to reach a steady state of mastery; learn constantly on the job. 
  • Whatever your interests, get on the widest road, not the narrowest road.
  • When you see someone else do something really smart - grab it, celebrate it and elevate it.
  • Don't copy anyone else's success. Break down what worked, and take a hard turn in a new direction.
  • Don't be afraid to tear things down when you need to.
  • Find a counterpoint to conventional wisdom.
  • Embrace exhaustion; it's when creativity starts.
  • To succeed twice, learn how to unlearn. Let go of what first made you successful.
  • Embody a beginner's mindset - stay curious, nimble and open to new ideas.
  • Don't just look for shortcuts. Do the hard work of both deep learning and quick unlearning.
  • In every job, ask "what can I contribute?" and "what can I learn?" side by side.
  • Separate your winning instincts from your losing ideas; it's easy to confuse them and fight for the wrong thing.
  • Hire people who are inexperienced for the job you give them.
  • Trust people first and see where they lead you.
  • Listen to your elders, and your juniors too.
  • The young can teach us as much as the old.
  • Be respectful. be empathetic. But don't be afraid to ask: "Is there a better way?"
  • There are no true masters of scale - only infinite learners.